Alcohol 120%



Good day every one. I have recently downloaded a trial version of alcohol 120%. What Im trying to do is take a large image 6.2gb to be exact. And seperate it every 700mb so I can burn the image to multiple cdr’s. The proble is when I go to copy the image it puts copied data into the designated place on my hard drive. But after it seperates the first image which is a MDF accompanied by a MDS it starts making a sereis of MD files that windows cant recognize. It starts out with MD0,MD1,MD3 etc…I would assume that there image files. But I cant mount them and I cant burn them as an image. The ideal situation would be to take a 6gb image seperate it every 700mb , or at least every 4gb, so I when I go to install the copy of the software of the image I created I can just put in cd1 and then cd 2 etc untill the instalation is complete. I believe this is possible but am not sure. Any help of course is greatly appreciated. Thank You.:iagree: