Alcohol 120

I tried Alcohol120 for the first time. After reading all of the problems people seemed to be having, I was a little worried. In the end it all worked fine I burned the files, tested it and it’s all good. I think it’s a great program.
There are a few things I don’t understand. If someone wouldn’t mind (and has the time) answering. Thanks.

What is the purpose of the software? (I feel like an idiot asking.)
I could do it again and again now that I did it.
The virtual drive? (purpose)

What confused me was the files I was burning weren’t image files, but I had to mount the software etc.
It took all of 2 minutes to burn to a DVD. Which made me question if it really worked, but I was impressed.
I just have to know how, why and the rest.



Alcohol creates and burns CD/DVD images into a raw data format. This makes it easier to backup video games. At least that’s my understanding.

The virtual drive lets you mount the image file of the game without the need to insert the original disk (again, thats my understanding).


The program I burned will not run unless on a CD\DVD. So, in order to use it away from home I needed a copy.
I think it has to do with the protection. on the prog, which makes sense, and Alcohol120 must aid in converting. This is my guess. Still don’t get the ISO. When someone told me I had to mount the software to the HD I thought I had to do something, but when I looked the virtual drive was there automatically. It was pretty simple after that, just played with it til I found the right file that Alcohol converted to ISO. Then burned, tested and it was good.

Thats basically it. Alcohol will let you create an image of the CD, then you select that image with your virtual drive and the game thinks it’s running from the CD.