Alcohol 120 wont install on WINXP 64?



Ok, i downloaded the trial version of A120, and tried installing it on my Winxp 64bit beta (its that trial version from microsoft’s site)

anyhow, it gets to near 90% then i get this:

Internal Error 25001. 25007 (0x61AF), -536870347 (0xE0000235)

any ideas or a fix for this?


Alcohol is not developed to run on a 64 bit system at this timé.


but it should at least install?
star wars: jedi academy isnt developed to run on a 64bit system, yet it installed and ran anyway…

even nero works on a 64bit system, opteron/athlon 64 systems do have backward compatability with 32bit apps…

anyhow, phoenix, my question is when are you guys planning on making a120 work on a 64bit os (my question is it working on a 64bit os as a 32bit app, not making it work in full blown 64bit mode)


64-bit support is planned for the future. 32-bit apps will run fine under amd64. However, all drivers (i.e., the virtual drive sys files) need to be built as 64-bit drivers.


ah, ok

that makes sense andareed…

hopefully by the time xp 64 comes out we’ll have a a120 64bit version to load on it too :slight_smile:

if u guys ever need any testing on it i can alwayse help out…


Also, if you install Windows XP 32-bit (i.e., normal one) on AMD64, you can use alcohol (and any 32-bit drivers) fine. This is a limitation/feature of only winxp 64-bit.


I had win2k on this machine, but when xp 64 beta came out i decided to try it out, luckily i still have my 2k partition on anothr hard drive… just pop that in and im back in win2k :slight_smile:

xp 64 is fun, but very picky and still needs work before final…