Alcohol 120% vs Clone CD? Which is better?

So far i’ve been hearing alot about Alcohol 120%, and it seems to be a really good peace of software. Is this software better than Clone CD? Anyone compared the two? I used to use BlindWrite, but left it (i dont remember why, lol), but now this Alcohol 120% looks better than CCD. Anyone know if it is? Thanx.

hey man, download it yourself and give it a try. like clone it doesn’t conflict with other software so it’s safe. and it’s small. you can get it here. let us know what YOU think. :smiley:

I 'm a CloneCD “fan”, but I “suppose” than the project CCD now is “dead”, CCD is not more developed…:frowning:
Also I think the future will be for Alcohol…:bigsmile:

Well if cds were getting to the stage whereby 1:1 copies were no longer possible, there is little point in Olli carrying on. It already functions very well as a copy tool, but if the problem is hardware/media releated, there is nothing left for him to work with.
Alcohol burning the new protections is great, but how long will it last for? There comes a point in time where you just have to call it a day and look towards something else. Alcohol is new and so its developers are all enthusiastic and stuff…good on them :wink:

its developers are all enthusiastic

Infact, “we are :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :p”

Hats of to Alcohol