Alcohol 120% vs. Blindwrite 5

I had Alcohol 120% for my ripping and burning needs, but the 30 day trial ended. I am trying to decide if I want to purchase the full version, or buy a different program. Alcohol worked fine for me. However a friend of mine uses Blindwrite 5 and he swears by it. He keeps telling me to buy that one. I’m on a limited budget and want to make sure I get the best for my money.

Is there any advantage to Blindwrite over Alcohol? From the research I’ve done it seems Blindwrite can’t rip/copy .mdf .mds format. (Is that correct?) Are there formats that Blindwrite can use that Alcohol can’t? Is one superior to the other, in your opinion? Anything I should know in advance?

Thanks in advance for any help and I apologize if this post is too similar to any others. I couldn’t find anything that exactly answered these questions; I’ve searched this forum and have gotten some ideas but I’d like more specific opinions.

Blindwrite also has a trial version. Why not check it out and then register whichever one suits you better? :wink:

my personal experience would suggest you lean towards Alcohol, as Blindwrite has given me trouble an strife with many CD drives and on various systems. i maintain that you should steer clear of ANY app that relies on Pcouffin.sys as its cd rom access layer. but as phil says, try both, get the one that WORKS. oh, if you have a Plextor Cd ROM than Blindwrite seems to attuned best for those dirves [ so i hear }

Consider DVD Decrypter as well. It is free, and unless you have very specialized needs or need to build your own images from files, it does ripping (data and video DVDs) and burns images in about ten formats.