Alcohol 120% voted as best 1:1 copy software @ CD

I just posted the article Alcohol 120% voted as best 1:1 copy software @ CD

On the 11th of November we started our poll; ‘What’s the best 1:1 software at the moment’ and today we end it. After over 9.000 votes the winner is clear and we can say that Alcohol 120% is…

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Alcohol team released their software at the perfect time when CloneCD could not copy SD2.8 Most of the votes were submitted before CloneCD came out.

Alcohol crashed my brothers Comp. But gladly i could boot up in safemode an unistall the progg. No Offence against Alcohol 120% , because it also might be the windows of my bro`s Comp that is f*cked up. Still i gave my Vote to Clone CD.

I have to say there is no loyality for software. When you find a better one, you will go for it. Alcohol is able to copy a few more protections than CCD. That is why people use a better software. I am a CCD fan but I am disappointed by the current CCd ability. I understand Ollie wants to make CCd perfect, stable and easy to use before releasing it but I guess he can release some alpha, beta versions to temporary fulfill the users thirst first. Like many cdfreaks, CCD is my ONLY registered software. I really want CCD be the best; and I made the right choice. CCD goes, Ollie goes. I still believe in you, Ollie.

IMHO: CloneCD is the more experienced program and although Olli was a little late he came through with the goods. I think CloneCD has a better “feel” to it, but maybe that’s just because I am used to using it?

That’s it. petspeed said many votes were submitted before CloneCD 4201 came out. Why Alcohol can do 1:1 copy BEFORE clonecd? I think response speed of software company is a must. There are competitions if you slow down, you lose.

We have monitored the votes since the latest CloneCD release, the difference between Alcohol and CloneCD has been only been bigger since that time.

that so many idiots voted this alcohol shit doesnt mean that its the best, it only means taht most idiots think its the best

@Grefdig: Wow, very mature comment, dude. Bet your mother is very proud of you! Personally, I think CCD was really ‘lonely at the top’ until Alcohol came along. Now there’s some serious competition, I hope Ollie can keep up.

this just shows that most people don’t know much about burning. clearly blindwrite is the best copying software at the moment, because it can hide atip without being installed on harddisc. second best is gamejack, because it can copy tages etc. third best is clonecd. and cd mate? is there anybody, who’s still using it?! alcohol - well, if you manage to install it without it destroying your harddisc, then maybe you’ll have some fun with it, but it’s clearly worse than blindwrite suite

@WRFan You already destroyed your harddisk by installing Linux partition on it.:wink: Your assumption about hiding ATIP without having any soft installed just lets me to conclude that you are exactly the ONE who dosn’t know anything about burning. so better leave your comments by yourself and don’t pour shit on other sotware, that you did not create (and could not to).

@venon thats bs about linux i havent had to restart my pc for the two months i’ve had mandrake installed. the only cd software i use is xcdroast (its not 1:1 but i dont copy games, i only make backups of music and vids)

only 6%… we maybe should consider to develop greeting cards applications :8

I have both CCD and Alcohol on my PC. Alcohol never crashed my PC or any persons’ PC that I know of. If it crashed your PC, then you had other issues before installing it. I also run 3 operating systems on my PC (XP, Linux and Solaris) and have no problems at all. If you maintain your PC properly and don’t fill it with gobs of crap, it works great for you. But, Alcohol was the only software that I could get to burn a few games that I wanted to make backups. It also has a nice feature of burning other image formats - which CCD cannot do and that is a plus for me as well as others.

@VeNoM386: I didn’t say ‘without having any soft’, I said ‘without [blindwrite] being installed’. just check out the new blindwrite suite autoplay feature and then come back here and we’ll continue the conversation. As opposed to you, I don’t demand you to shut up, after all we are living in a democracy, everyone is entitled to an opinion. whether it’s right or wrong is another question, but everyone is allowed to express one’s own opinion. quote from ‘AutoPlay is an automatic hide media option (like insektor previously) it will run on cd burned with this version.’ quote from club.cdfreaks: ‘lapinou is making a small program that has the autoplay alone for free later on, so u wont need to install blindwrite on every machine u want to play it on u can use that autoplay standalone thingy instead.’ quote from Lapinou: ‘about installation and run of the game on various computers, of course we will release later a ligh filter installation only. so you will not need to install the full blindwrite suite’. Maybe the autoplay feature will be included on the cd - then it will be enough to have the cd only. in any case, whether the autoplay filter will be included on the cd or in a separate freeware programme, the installation of blindwrite will not be required any longer. I agree, I couldn’t have created any software. That’s why I don’t do it. If the alcohol developers followed my example, there would be less destroyed computers on this planet. on the alcohol forum I was told that due to the way windows works ‘The physical device using windows native block device driver have higher priority to get the drive letter than network mapping partition or some 3rd party warped driver to mount other partition that Windows not supported.’ Maybe this is true, I don’t know, ask Bill Gates for an answer, if you are interested, but what I do know, is that when I installed clonecd, it didn’t take possession of the letter, which is in use by mounted linux partition, but used a free letter (my last drive was O: - the zip drive, so clonecd took P:,while alcohol took F:, which is my linux drive). so what do we learn from this? Not only are the alcohol developers too lazy to learn how windows works, they are also unwilling to admit their mistakes, rather putting the blame on Microsoft (oh, yes, it’s easy -always blame Microsoft, nobody likes them anyway, so maybe it will work). But as Olli has clearly shown with his release of Clonecd, there are developers, who can be trusted and others, who are not to be trusted. alcohol developers belong to the latter group.

@WRFan :8 Hey, why I get the same problem as you got, but it happened with CloneCD not Alcohol?? Maybe I have to ask Bill Gates, but at first, please give me the phone number at first. And follow your though, in my case, clonecd devlopers belong to the latter group - “not to be trusted”, but it seems not they way people have. And, yes we have democarcy, but nobody gave you the right to insult other people! Especially you have not make any things clear and follow your own misunderstanding or less knowledage Maybe no one who voted the alcohol is much smart than you in burnning. But I cannot see any advanced knowledge in your post. Maybe you are the best one who know very much about burning in this world? I doubt. Why not just give me some hint to copy everything, you, the copy god? :4 If you cannot, better to close your mouth. PS. I also doubt your behavior, why you f**k alcohol always? Because you don’t know how to use it? :4 People voted alcohol, you said those people who vote it don’t know much about burning. It is fine, but who knows when you will blame another software again, just because you don’t know how to use it or this software not make you so happy?! I think it is not the right way to judge anything.

what such long post… finally it is maybe better to not be too famous. I don’t understand all what you said , each person has his favorite program it can be Clonecd, Alcohol Software, or even Blindwrite… the most important is the final user to be happy with it. and not to know who is the best. :7

@qoo4600: I wonder whether you yourself see the flaw in your argumentation: you say that maybe alcohol is good software and it’s me who doesn’t know how to use it. but, following your logic, I could argue that alcohol is the worst software and it was voted best, because most people don’t know how to use other burning software. let’s take blindwrite - it says “nibble” and “ring” in the options - so what does a newbie do? He doesn’t know which option to select. Therefore he goes ahead and uses alcohol together with clony. Clony says safedisc 2, he switches on alcohol, selects safedisc 2 and here he goes - a perfect copy. Really? I don’t think so. Blindwrite is always one step ahead and clonecd is safer for your system. Both advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked. I don’t blame software just because I am too lazy to learn how it works. Although - I must say the alcohol help file is not complete and on their forums the customer is treated like sh*it so it’s difficult to get enough info, but I think I was tolerant enough and spent enough time working with alcohol and the result is disappointing. In my opinion alcohol is just a consumerist product, the alcohol developers just try to abuse the burning hype and to make some money. So they don’t care about the customer or about their repute - they just make some money and disappear. Whereas clonecd and blindwrite, on the other hand, are professional programmes, it’s about beating those damn copy protections, not about money or about easy settings for newbies

WRFan, yeah anyway, shut up. your comments not constructive.

@Richteralan: constructive is the opposite of destructive. since alcohol is destructive, my warning not to use this programme is constructive and hopefully I can rescue a couple of harddiscs out there by warning people against using alcohol. btw, imho to say ‘shut up’ is not constructive, unless you want to construct an opinion that you have nothing to say