Alcohol 120% Virtual Drive Overwriting CD/DVDRom Help!

I installed Alcohol 120% and created a virtual drive. Then, I noticed my CD/DVDRom refused to respond upon putting a cd in. I quickly uninstalled Alcohol 120% (doh?) and proceeded to try to remove my Upperfilters and Lowerfilters in the registry recommended by Microsoft. Upon inspection, I did not see any Upperfilters, but I deleted the Lowers and rebooted and nothing was solved.

During this entire time my CD/DVDRom was missing from Device Manager and My Computer.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix my problem? ANY help will be appreciated, thanks!

Note: I also did install XP SP2 today if that matters.

Please feel free to move/delete if in wrong forum, thanks.

Welcome to the cdfreaks Oww. :wink:

You have the same subject in another thread/forum so I will close this one since it will be easier for our knowledgable members to focus on your problem in one thread instead of multi threads or cross posting.

Anyone wants to respond please reply in the [B]other thread[/B]. Thanks.