Alcohol 120 Version 2.0? VISTA?



Hi All,

Alcohol 120% is the 3rd program I install after doing an OS refresh, I love it and have used it for years.
1… Can the guys at AlcoholSoft tell me when we might see a 2.0 Version? 2… VISTA - I will be fresh installing Vista in a month or two, is 120% working on VISTA?

I would hate to shell the bucks and then if they release a 2.0 be told that is a pay for it “UpGRADE” and not a free “UpDATE”.

Before you say just buy the lifetime free upgrades, which is entirely fair and would do it. But we are all aware that shelling out $75, about 2 or 3 years ago for DVD XCopy got me (and everyone else) nowhere after they got shut down.

Thanks, Lou

Scratch the part about VISTA, sorry just read the release note about it.


No ETA will be given on any release, and there is no 2.0 version in the works yet. As for comparing Alcohol Soft to DVD X Copy, that’s ridiculous. DVD X Copy was around for hardly any time at all, and they were violating copyright laws. Alcohol Soft has been around for several years and is completely legal.


Sorry, I had no intention of comparing Alcohol 120 to DVD XCopy. I was referring to the U.S. Courts shutting down the Manufacturer (1 2 3 ???) of DVD X-Copy. And forcing them to release an update that prevents a user from using the software for what you bought it for. Me being one of them.

I realize no one is going after AlcoholSoft. But once bitted, twice shy about spending so much (But well worth it) on a “Lifetime” if in the future the “Anti-Piracy” Lawyers, taste Alcohol 120%.

I certainly meant no offense.



No offense taken, simply making sure the point was made. You always run the risk of the company going out of business when you buy anything. I was reading a few months back about a store that had been in business for 50 years that suddenly closed it’s door with no warning to customers or employees because they didn’t feel they could afford to remain open any longer. It’s always a risk, but if you’re not comfortable taking that risk you can buy the 1-year of upgrades license for half the price.


Alcohol 120% is the 3rd program I install after doing an OS refresh, I love it and have used it for years.

I’ve you’ve used it for years, perhaps it is time to take the plunge…


Hmm, I overlooked that when I replied. That is interesting that you’ve used it for so long yet have not purchased a license. As Zamiell said, perhaps it’s time you repaid the devs for their hard work.


Zamiell, Jito463,

Do you work at Alcohol-Soft? If so, your polite response to my past indiscretions (and faulty character) :o made it easy to take the plunge. I purchased the life-time upgrades. Your product is fantastic and worth every penny!

I hope when I get my upgrade Vista Release, that if I have any trouble, everyone at Alcohol-Soft is as kind.

Thanks, Loucpher


We’re both members of the Support Team at Alcohol Soft, yes. Now that you’ve purchased Alcohol, you should contact support[at] for access to the Customer Support forum. You’ll get faster support that way if you have questions or do need assistance. Just provide your login e-mail address, desired username on the forums, and desired password for the forums.