Alcohol 120% v1.3.6.1223 released

What’s New:

1 Burn “RMPS” to recordable media: If you enable this option the CD will work only if you have Alcohol or another compatible emulation software installed and RMPS emulation active.
2 RMPS (Recordable Media Physical Signature) Emulation. This option allows a drive to automatically read the physical signature that “MAY” be stored on the recordable media by Alcohol during the burning process." If this option is turned off then you will notice “NEEDS EMULATION” label, in Explorer. This means that such a disc will not work without “RMPS” option on.

1 Added Korean/Turkish support, and updated language files.
2 Supports more devices, You can find more detailed information at

1 Some minor bugs.
2 The problem of in some cases the “DVD+R disc indentify error” with the SONY DRU-500A.

Shoebedobedoo :cool: