Alcohol 120% updated to version

I just posted the article Alcohol 120% updated to version

Pianoman, jellybelly and marlowe all used our news submit to tell us that Alcohol Software has released a new version of Alcohol 120%. The new version,,…

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Add CD/DVD device sharing service? This makes me nervous. Am I the only one? :frowning:

Slysoft released a new version?

If you are running Win2000-SP4, do not install this update. It’ll kill your virtual drives. It also installs something that asks for “server priv.” in my firewall.

How in gods name do you expect to share CD/DVD Writers over a network without it getting through your firewall. Perhaps you should read the help file?

stachan, little mistake there :wink: thanks for noticing! Fixed :slight_smile:

Hey, where’s Kamikazee running down his competition?:d

“If you are running Win2000-SP4, do not install this update.” I take it you dont bother to check your posts on the Alcohol support forum, if you did you would know this problem was fixed.