Alcohol 120 unregistered

I’ve read the "read me first"s. I’ve found 1 closed thread concerning a similar “Alcohol 120 unregistered” case: Phoning Home? by Incubus911 feb.2006

My case is somewhat related but different.

I bought Alcohol 120 lately (Vers 1.9.8 build 7612) with unlimited updates. Installed the non trial version. Registered it. Used the software. It worked great. Never installed Alcohol Soft software on this new computer before.

All of a sudden, it’s unregistered.

I firewall blocked Alcohol when it became fully operational. ALL my programs are set for manual updates (I don’t think a computer nor it’s subcomponents should have a mind of their own! I didn’t invent tracking cookies and so on :slight_smile: it’s a question of legitimate control; call me paranoid all you want :disagree: and don’t ask me to stop wearing seat belts because airbags are 100% safe :rolleyes: )

I download updates manually, scan them, then install them whenever I judge appropriate or before using a software I haven’t used in a long time. Long live relevant mail lists from relatively trusted senders. Death to all spam.

I own an extensive collection of legit retail DVDs with credit traces attached. I archive them in different ways depending on value-rarity-insurance ratio-love :confused: (find me a Wim Wanders - Wings of Desire SE new DVD in a store around the world today… I wrote to Wim, won’t be reedited anytime soon).

I’m not sharing in ANY ways. I really think a FBI senior investigator permanently perched on my shoulder would comatose from boredom! (I’m not making any kind of displaced ironic parallel between such personnally respected law officers and birds nor any of their subcomponents)

I clearly don’t want to start a debate on this tribune regarding infringement.

I ask for technical help from experienced freak brethrens including Alcohol Soft avatar bearers; if they respectfully wish to join of course. Note that if this thread fails, I will cc this premise (slightly sanitized of course even thought this site is public, me write so dirty) to Alcohol Soft support but I feel they might already be a bit here; hence making us more knowledgeable and powerful thru their wisdom and keen interventions.

Enough for now, enjoy my finally emerging point :iagree: :

What kind of event triggers this particular software to unregister after use?

More generally, how can a software “forget” it’s supposed to be forensically imbedded registration data?

Hence my parallel with Incubus911’s thread premise : Does Alcohol 120 NEEDS to phone home for some reason after it’s been rightfully registered to insure use?

Can Alcohol 120 be used offline with regard to what I consider normal use of necessary features and to my relative knowledge of the abstract concept of online security?

Please email Alcohol’s support team at Please include a copy of your post in the email or reference this thread and you’ll need to supply a system report from within Alcohol. Thanks.