Alcohol 120 uninstall problem

i am trying uninstall Alcohol 120 so i can upgrade to the latest version.the program wont let me uninstall the previous says it cant find "trial setup.msi."the new version of Alcohol wont install until i uninstall the old version.anybody know how to fix this?thanks.

try deleting the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Alcohol Soft and then delete the alcohol soft folder (usually installed in program files). you should then be able to install the newer version.


i have the same problem.
I tried your tip and i have deleted the key in the registry (the one in the “current user” folder, and the one in the “local machine” folder). I also deleted the program folder.

But alcohol is still present in software (also after reboot) and i still can`t uninstall it cause of the “setup.msi” error message.

Any more solutions ?


try this