Alcohol 120% troubles

Hi. Im writing here first time so i will say first, hello.
Here is my problem. I have Win Xp, DFI LP(lan party) nF4 SLI-D motherboard,
AMD 64 3700+. This is my newest pc which i have put together one week ago.
When i trying to start Alcohol 120% v, it wont start. My firewall ZA (Zone Alarm) remind me that, DrWAtson Postmortem Debugger is trying to comunicate with
“C:\Program Files\Alcohol Soft\Alcohol 120\ Alcohol.exe” by opening its process.
On previously machine (950 Mhz celleron i never get that message from ZA).
Nero is working fine also all other programs are running O.K.
I have trayed all the tricks with allowing it to interact with Alcohol, or disalowing
it (Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger), with firewall turned off (ZA). WIndows firewall is also turned off.
So if there is someone with any idea i will bi thankfull for it.
HAve a nice day

Try removing Alcohol then re-install and send the setupapi.log which can be found in your Windows folder to

Thank you all, i have solved my problem.
The cause was adjustement of Data Execution Prevention.
Best regards