Alcohol 120% to backup Playstation 2 Disc



Tried to backup my son’s DDR Extreme game for playstation2, used Alcohol 120%, the burning process finished successfully, but when I insert the disc into the console, it said: Please insert a play station2 format disc. Anything I missed?

My burner is BenQ LS DW1655, used Sony MIJ TYG02 8x-R media.

The disc now has the following information:
Drive (Hardware) Region: 1

Media is a Data DVD.
Booktype: dvd-r (version 5), Layers: 1
Total size: 605008 sectors (1181 MBytes)


Probably a modchip or other boot method…


does ur ps2 have a chip to play burnt games.


Hey MAD Max! So cool of you to do a tutorial like that for us newbies!! Thanks Man. Just wanted to ask you if it is normal for the datatype window to not appear when burning games?? I’ve been told that you need to select Playstation 2 for correct burning??


No Data type requierd if its a DVD format disc, as for walk through utorial check the Alcohol FAQ section


Do I need to buy the chip? I have no idea how to check it.


I did exactly as the Alcohol 120% toturial in your reply, and still the same.


You’re not listening.

You [B]must[/B] have a mod chip (or some other boot method such as a special boot disc which is then swapped with the back-up you want to play) for a back-up copy to work.


try swap magic 3.6 - bootable cd to read backups on ps2 without opening


can someone please explain how to copy a ps2 game to my pc so that I can play it off my HD? THank You, would that be the same way I could get my Call of Duty for the pc on the HD so I can play it on the virtual drive? Thanks to all who are smarter at this than me!


Regarding playing a PS2 Game from your HDD you [B]can´t[/B], with Call Of Duty which is Safedisc protected create your Image mount the Image if the mounted Image doesnt work use a 3rd party program such as Safedisc Hider to hide the Virtual Drives then it should run.


I am using the alcohol 120% program, what size dvd-r do i need inorder to burn my ps2 game image file?


The same size as the original disc, beit a cd, single or dual layer dvd.