Alcohol 120% taking over WinRAR icons

After my recent install of Alcohol 120%, I have noticed that all WinRAR-compatible file types, except .zip files, have had the original WinRAR icon replaced by some Alcohol icon. The Alcohol icon looks like the default .mds icon, except that the white letters spell “AX” instead of “mds”. I have tried in vain to change the icon via Folder Options/File Types. According to Windows, the WinRAR file associations in question do indeed use the icons avaible in the WinRAR executable…which can’t be true, as it doesn’t contain any icons that even remotely resemble this strange icon…

Can I have my WinRAR icons back? I have grown quite attached to them, you know :slight_smile:

I admit, this problem is not critical in any way…but is is slightly annoying…

what version are you using :confused: . As I know it was fixed

Version 1.4.3 (build 410)

Try downloading the latest version from their website.

step 1. disable ISO shell extension support in alcohol first.
step 2. sellect all in WinRAR,
step 3. reboot.
step 4. disable ISO in winrar.
step 5. add ISO in alc.

well, in some twisted way the last posting makes sense, but it didn´t work for me :frowning:

What version are you using ?

i faced the same prob here. I unistalled winrar and then alcohol. Then I reinstalled them and it worked…