Alcohol 120% rmps prob

Well thanks for the legal advice, but sadly I have the game :sad: , I just could not make a copy with rmps Securom enabled. So I had him make a copy because he got his alcohol to be able to make an image using rmps Securom enabled.

For example when I go to make an image the only radial buttons I can click is
Skip reading errors
Advanced sector scanning (new after reinstall)
Data position measurement

But when I go to my help to look at how one could make an image with rmps
It shows that it has
Skip reading errors
Fast skip error block
Advanced sector scanning
Read sub-channel data
Data position measurement

And datatype: Securom

Then the only option I have with burning is
Enable buffer
Burn with rmps (grayed out)

But in the manual it has
Enable buffer
Don’t close the last session
Bypass efm error
Rectify sub-channel dat
Burn with rmps
And datatype: Securom

So is it just an error and I need to reinstall or is it something ells
Reinstalled and the only thing I see changed is Advanced sector scanning
my other tread was closed