Alcohol 120% Problem With Safedisc 2.90

I have tried to copy an interactive learning CD(SafeDisc 2.90) with Alcohol120% trial version. My reader/writer is in my laptop SONY VAIO MATSHITA UJ-822Da. I cannot play this disc after copying with the Safedisc 2/3 option.
I have tried to copy it with Clone CD which does work at least only on my laptop with Clone CD tray setting at “Hide CDR Media”.
I want to copy this disc so I can play it on any computer.

As I’ve told you elsewher, the ability to copy safedisc 2.9 is hardware dependant.

Some drives can copy it so that the copy will run from any ordinary cd/dvd rom with safedisc 1 datatype settings, some need safedisc 2/3 datatype settings (weak sector enhancement) and most can’t do it at all.

In any case, because safedisc 2.9 has an atip check as part of its protection, if you want to run a back-up copy from a writer you will need some form of atip hider such as alcohol’s Ignore media type, CloneCD’s hide cdr media or blindwrite’s autoplay for the copy to work.

What is the suggested hardware?

What about a HP Pavilion CDR/RW drive called MITSUMI CR-48X9TE?

Look Here:Alcohols EFM Capable List

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