Alcohol 120 prob

I recently bought a pioneer 111D dvd re-writer,
all DVD and CD discs burn fine with nero, but do not with alcohol 120%.

In Alcohol I make a DVD image and then burn it to a blank dvd. There’s no errors or pop-ups in Alcohol.

When the DVD’s finished burning, i place the DVD disk burned with Alcohol back in the pioneer 111D drive and also tried the disk in another dvd-rom drive, Windows says the dvd’s a blank CD?

When i look under the disk there’s a session on there.

Any Suggestions Welcome…

Chris R

Uninstall Alcohol, that is the best choice to avoid trouble.

Hello Chris,

If you follow thew suggestion of chef you should uninstall all software from your ´puter. Best solution should be to throw out your entire pc. You´ll never again have troube with it again :bigsmile:

Now, joking aside, what are you trying do do? Make a backup? Of what? A game? Original on CD or DVD? Any copy protection involved? What version of Alcohol do you have? OS?

hi Seto1 thanks for you prompt response, yeah that would be the easier solution, trash the computer lol.

I’m running Windows XP Home with a 1GB of memory and AMD Athlon 2200xp, i’m using Alcohol 120% Version 1.9.5 (Build 3105).

I’m trying to back up an original game Call Of Duty 2 with Alcohol 120% to save the original dvd getting stratched with general use. , I have no idea what protection the game has built in.

Nero burns dvd’s and cd’s fine.

I have included my dxdiag file.



you should get first a good scanner to know by yourself what copy protection is being used! Search for “ProtectionID”.

I don´t have COD2, but could have SafeDisc as copy protection. If this is correct (SafeDisc and DVD), just make a image with Alcohol and install it from the image.

Making a backup of SafeDisc protected discs is very hardware dependent, at least from SafeDisc v2.9+. As I said, I don´t have the game, so I´m unable to try it out myself!

If your using then to 99% your Drive isnt supported by Alcohol update then you should have no problems.