Alcohol 120 Prob



hi guys newbie here,

i followed a guide somewhere under copy-protection using alcohol 120 and a-ray scanner/twin creator.

i got all the way upto re-burning the patched image in 120% it shows this:

I select the top one, then it shows:

Im using Win XP Home, with an LG-4040B DVD Ram Drive
the securrom ver of the game EXE is:
the orig cd protection is :

Any ideas for why i cant burn this file?


What is stopping you burning the file, is the next button blanked out?


have u seen the screenshots?


Also to let u know the disc i am tryin to use is a brand new Verbatim CD-RW
16-24x 700MB


EDIT: Just now i re-read the image file off the game disc instead of usin alcohol i used clone cd, then i found the bwa file on patched it and burnt it,

now to try!

Now i have another prob noooo

i put my copied patched disc in my drive
but now i receive this:
“Unable to authenticate original disc within time limit”
could this be due to the speed a made the image from the orig disc to my HD? or the speed i re-burnt the patched image file at?


i need help with this one it keeps showing this error:
“Unable to Authenticate Original CD in Time limit”

any ideas?


Reread and burn the disk @ the slowest speed pos? Also use a CDRW?



ill try that and see if it works, thanks for the input


thanks VirusHack, i re-read the game disc at 8x with clone cd, patched it, re-burnt it to cd-rw at 12x with alcohol, it didnt work in my LG GDR-8161B, but it worked in my
lg GSA4040B ram burner, thanks a lot m8


No Prob, some games prefere RW’s to Rs :stuck_out_tongue: Not sure why.