Alcohol 120% now also beats SafeDisc 2.8x - according to testers

I just posted the article Alcohol 120% now also beats SafeDisc 2.8x - according to testers.

phoenix,xoron, mag97 and Spagger used our newssubmit to tell us that Alcohol 120% seems to be the first software that is able to make backups of both the latest SecuROM protected games and the…

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I heard that olli had retired and moved down to spain,where he now runs a nice little wine bar,and is writing a book on Alcohol addiction :4

yeah, where the fuck is the ccd answer to this new protections? If they wait any longer many people are going to switch to Alcohol software :slight_smile: Keep going on alcohol team! :7

Where is the support for the money paid? Hit & Run… good move!

I’m still waiting on a demo release of alcohol 68%:d

why not just try the 120% or better yet, just purchase a copy like i did. the software is definitely worth it and i’ve been preferring this to ccd.

i cloned NFS: hot pursuit 2 with clone 4.00.14, and all works… no problem… is the asia pacific version though…

Viper…What protection is that version usin?

um, got no idea… i’d guess the new safedisc…