Alcohol 120% not working with x64

alcohol software says that alcohol 120% supports 64bit windows but its not working for me. when i try to enable a virtual drive i get this error.

What version are you trying to install? Older versions may not work on x64.

the latest

Is your drive supported with the latest version?

Try sending a complete system report to the

A similar issue to this existed in older versions but has since been rectified.

they cant seem to help me either, they’re just telling me to go thru basic concepts like reinstall… updates… etc

Did you upgrade to Vista from another OS

im on xp x64

Well, I can guarantee that Alcohol works under XP x64, as that’s my primary/sole OS on both of my computers. Try removing all traces of Alcohol, then install the latest SPTD 1.42 (, then reinstall Alcohol.

i installed the latest sptd before even installing alcohol on this computer…