Alcohol 120% Not Empty Disc

I think this has been answered before, but I could not find an answer.

I´m trying to make an backup of my C&C First Decade, but when I try to burn it to my Double Layer disc alcohol keeps telling me that the disc is not empty.

Now I know it is empty.

If anybody have any ideas please tell me…getting little frustrated :frowning:

Welcome to the forum :smiley:

Go into Alcohol settings, and under Emulation, make sure “Ignore Media Type” is not checked.

Hopefully that’ll help the disc to be recognised as a blank one. :slight_smile:

Thanks for quick reply…but unfortenatly this didn’t solve my problem…instead of saying ‘Not an empty disc’ now it tells me ‘Not a Blank disc’.

I am paffled as you propably are :).

Any more ideas.

Ps. My drive is Liteon LH-18A1P…which is suppose to burn everything…well except my house…and also it seem’s not a single program indentifies my disc’s as 8.5g. I have the latest firmware.

Have you tried formating the disc ?

Do you mean Erasing the dvd disc?
Or do you mean format in same sense as you had to do for old floppy disk’s…if you mean this could you perhaps give small instruction since I have never done this nor do I know how to do that. I didn´t even know this is possible.

Erase the disc using Full Mode inside Alcohol (under the File menu).

Well now it’s telling me that the disc is not RW, which it isn’t just plain DVD+R DL(I knew this would happen).

I just don’t know what could be wrong…this is what I get from alcohol CD/DVD Manager Image01, Image02, Image03.

Here’s a link to the disc’s which is bought Link

It even shows the media code correctly.

Any more Ideas? :slight_smile:

Ok real stupid question, have you tried another disc from those you bought, does it give the same error, Can you PM me your Alcohol system report as this might throw some light onto the problem.

Well I don´t think this is just about alcohol…every possible program I have tried gives me the same error…either it’s about my drive or the disc’s.

But I would like still thank all of you who have responded.

I think this threath can be closed.

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