Alcohol 120% - No Virtual Drives


Ive been having this problem for quite some time now, after a format and reinstall of windows about half a year ago I made it work so it never bothered me again.
Until now. I’ve been trying to install alcohol on my new pc for the last 3 days and always end up with the same problem: I manage to install and run the programm (sometimes it would crash at starting or load up forever) and then I’d set the number of virtual drives (and sometimes it would just hang right there until I kill the process) just to see absolutely nothing change. The virtual drives will neither be displayed in alcohol nor in explorer.
What seems to be wrong here, anybody any clue?


As you’ve been using Alcohol for a wee while, please register as a customer at the Alcohol-Soft forums where upon you should be able to access priority support.

When the process seems to hang while creating the virtual drive/s, after say 30 seconds or so, try moving your mouse pointer around a bit within the alcohol window. This has always done the trick for me in similar circumstances.