Alcohol 120% mount iso from context menu?

Am I crazy or does alcohol 120% have the ability to mount .iso files from a windows explorer context menu?

I’m sure I remember being able to right click on an .iso file and choose to mount that file to a virutal drive. I can no longer do this and I can’t find a settng to enable or disable this fantom feature.

Please advise

why not send a system Report to so that we can look into this problem for you. also please quote this thread.


I haven’t used this in awhile (a room mate used to have it installed). I am using a new install of the trial version.

I wonder if Spybot search and Destroy which prevents registry entries, or my firewall - Tiny Personal Firewall - which applys all sorts of restrictions on what programs my run without explicit permission may be preventing an explorer context menu from being modified.

Just a thought.