Alcohol 120 messing up nero?




I just installed alc. 120% ( for the first time. I haven’t tried burning any cds/dvds yet but I have noticed that nero’s overburning test seems not to be functioning since alc. 120% was installed. There is no time in the test capacity field and I can’t insert one. I was woundering if anyone knows what’s going on. The overburning test is a feature I would like to be able to use again.

System: PIII 800 Mhz, 512 MB RAM, Windows XP sp1, nero (, plextor 712a


Works fine here.


looks like you’ll need to try the updated version of alcohol since thats the only noticable difference.


Why does this program hate me?

I now have noticed that it has added a physical drive to my system that doesn’t exist, A SCSI drive. Because the drive doesn’t exist, it causes my comp to crash whenever a program tries to access it. For example plextools.

what’s going on?


It doesn’t look like that drive has been added by Alcohol.
Quite likely it is installed by Daemon Tools or another Virtual Drive software.


note that the added drive is from a third scsi(in theory) adaptor. :wink:


I also face this problem,it won’t allow me select time on test capacity.


mine works fine as well