Alcohol 120% Is it worth it?

sorry if this is in the wrong section… i wasnt sure.

Anyways, i just purchased sims 2 deluxe limited edition (came with bon voyage expansion pack). I installed both the game and expansion pack successfully. But when i went to play either the game by itself, or with the expansion pack, i got the following error message: “Please insert the original disk instead of a backup (1000).”

I have read in other forums about how to solve this problem. I’ve tried restarting the computer, uninstalling and reinstalling the game and i read up on the help site provided in the game manual, but it was pretty much useless. So i read up about this problem on other sites, and found that Alcohol 120% seems to be the solution. I mostly understand what its all about, but it seems like a lot of time and energy.

So my question is… Is it worth it?? Or should i just return the game and buy another one?? Would that solve my problem? :confused: Also, if u have any other solutions please post!!

PLEASE help. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi and Welcome!

if the original disc does not work, then contact your vendor and complain.
Also make sure, you haven’t Deamon Tools or other virtual drive software installed.


My personal opinion is that it is most definitely not worth it. Spent $50 on this program a few years back and received almost no advantages over the trial version and then to add insult to injury my key which I purchased expired after a year or two and they wouldn’t do anything about keeping it going. IMHO AnyDVD and Clone CD and Clone DVD would be your best bet for taking care of such things. Much more value for the purchase or you could always do some searching on the net for freeware. I’m becoming a firm believer in freeware with each passing year.

okay thanks… but would my problem be solved by buying a new copy of the game and returning the one that doesnt work?

Well you need the receipt and to take back to the store and tell them it will not read and to give you a replacement of the same software for the defeative software. That all you can do for now unless you want to send back to the company and have them replace it for you. But if the problem is the media then in return or RMA the software should fix your disc read problem. But if it continues you might want to email or call the company and give them your complaints to give you a full refund for defective software.

Before returning the game you can try the following:

  • if installed/active: disable AnyDVD, any Packet writing software
  • try different read speeds on gamestart with tools like CDBremse or nero DriveSpeed

If that doesn’t help you can try with a mounted image in a virtual drive:

  • create an ISO image of your Bon Voyage disc and change extension from *.ISO to *.MDF
  • copy the attached MDS file in the same directory and adjust filenames (e.g. Sims2EP6.mdf + Sims2EP6.mds)
  • mount that image in Daemon Tools’ virtual drive
  • run the tool YASU and hit “Cloak”, now try to start

If you want to test if your drive is capable of creating a working backup (though it can’t authenticate original disc) you can use the trial of Alc 120% or the free edition of Alc 52% (update SPTD driver to v1.50)

Here you can find a “How to”

When not in use Daemon Tools’ virtual drive(s) AFAIK shouldn’t avoid gamestart. SecuROM error 1000 doesn’t indicate a blacklisting issue.

CloneCD was king a long time ago, but nowadays it’s hardly updated and doesn’t support any current protection (esp. protections based on not burnable physical characteristics like SecuROM, Starforce, CD/DVD Cops, Protect Disc) but Safedisc.
btw. What’s the benefit of AnyDVD+CloneDVD when it comes to game protections ? (3.56 KB)

Don’t know whats going on but Michael seems to be the closest…

The error message that you say comes up, should only come up for games that you have burnt or tried to back up from the original.

If it’s an original game…eg. went down the shop bought it and then installed it to the pc… Then it should work…

No matter what you have installed eg alcohol or clone should not matter…

I would take the game back to the shop…

It can also come up with original discs as stated on Securom’s website: