Alcohol 120 help

how do i use this program . me = noob . it says i need an image or whatever and i wanna mount one of my pc games . so what do i do

plz i need help

More info on what you would like to do would be helpful (CD, DVD, game title, protection,…) you already tried reading Alcohol’s help?

im trying to mount a game

so what do i do … my alcohol says i can only mount images wtf?

You have to make an image of the cd/dvd in order to mount it. First check the relevant copy protection with Protection ID and then use the image making wizard to make an image with the appropriate datatype settings.

but then i cant select the data on my hdd

No you can’t. Alcohol isn’t designed to do that (and, if the game is copy protected, neither can any other program). You have to make an image of your original cd/dvd.

is there any one i can do on the hd

^ As I said in my previous post, if the game is copy protected, no. If you don’t own the game, buy it.

Ok i have a question but i dont want to start a new thread. Does Alcohol 120 support .mkv files?, and if its a video, what about subtitles?


What about Nero does that support .mkv files?