Alcohol 120% help: Unable to use RMPS settings

Hey guys, I just joined up and have to say there is a lot of great information on this forum, and Im so glad theres somewhere like this us noobs can go for help…thanks! :slight_smile:

First off, I do not know much at all about backing up games, and I tried searching the forum for my problem and couldnt find exactly what I was looking for, or just didnt understand. :o I just got Alcohol 120%, and was under the impression Id be able to rip the game image to my HDD and actually run the game off a virtual drive(emulating the play disc), without burning the play disc on a CD-R or DVD+R.

Well I tried that with Quake4, and it didnt quite work…it still asks for the play disc. Then I read that I probably need to use RMPS data type for it to work, but when I go into the image making wizard it does not give me the option to choose the data type when I have the disc in the drive, only when there is no disc.

I currently dont have a DVD/CD burner, just a standard Lite-On DVD-ROM, is that the reason why Im unable to use the RMPS settings?? Do I have the total wrong idea about this, and am I doing this all wrong??? I plan on picking up a DVD burner soon anyway, a Samsung SH-S182D, I just wanted to see if that was the reason its not working.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope someone can help me out…

First the datatype profiles are accessible only for CDs and not for DVDs so that is the reason you can’t see them when you are making image of dvd.I will tell you how to make the image so it to work.
Insert your DVD and start alcohol.Click on image making wizard and put a mark o nthe Skip reading errors option and click next.Make the image in mds/mdf format.During the image making you will see many read errors.They are normal because the protection uses bad sectors to identify the original disk.Just wait until the image is made.After that turn off all emulation options of daemon tools , mount the image and tryt to play.If you get error message you may need to use antiblacklisting tool also like curerom or sd4hide.

If you don’t get the RPMS option for DVDs in Alcohol it means you have a (very) old version. Upgrade to the latest version first.

BTW Quake 4 is protected with Safedisc so RPMS is useless in this case.

Also, the latest Quake 4 patch removes the protection.

Thanks for the replys guys…

Neptun: Since Quake4 uses SafeDisc4 like DOC said, Im guessing your method wont work with Quake4…but it should work with other games liek FEAR, Doom3, FarCry, etc…right??

DOC: Ive tried updating and it says I have the latest version, but I have version 1.9.2 Build 1705, and have seen newer versions than the one I have…weird

Ok so if I make an image without RPMS, and install the game using that image, then patch it…I wont get the insert play disc message??

Thanks again for the help guys, really appreciate it!

EDIT: Yeah patching to 1.3 allows me to run the game without the disc! Thank alot DOC…Im sure Ill have more questions when I try other games :iagree: