Alcohol 120%: Game loads fine when mounted but problem ensures

hey all
first post here and was hoping if anyone would be able to resolve this:
Basically I ripped an ISO of my frozen throne CD fine, alcohol copied the ISO to my HD fine, i load the ISO and the game loads fine BUT then the problem starts.

Im watching it load then it will suddenly minimise…?! I maximise it again and it will minimise almost instantly, giving me a glimpse of the main menu for about 1 second. Its on my start bar and seems fine but i cant maximise it ???

thanks in advance!

Try creating your image with MDS\MDF format not ISO

thnx for the reply phoenix, I did in fact rip it in the MDS\MDF format not ISO.

just to give an update, the game works now so i dont know what happened. I was googling this problem and the only reason i came across was that the game was being checked for errors so it wouldn’t let me maximise :confused: but once it finished, it let me maximise…strange. anways, thnx!

Thanks for letting me know.