Alcohol %120 Freezes While Making An Image of GTA 4's 1st Disc



I’ve got a problem about latest Alcohol %120 (v2.0.0.1331) while trying to make an image of my original GTA 4’s first disc. GTA 4 is a Securom 7.40 protected game, as you know. So first at all Alcohol tries to dump DPM data from disc. But image process always freezes at 55%. I’m sure that it freezes, because i really waited approximately 2 hours…

I’ve searched over all internet and found some DPM included mds files of GTA 4’s disc 1. Thank god but i want to make my own GTA 4 image file. I’ don’t want to run this game only, backupping is more important in this case.

Please can you inform me about that bug of Alcohol? How can others dump their original GTA 4 images properly? How can i dump all DPM data of this disc? Thank you so much…


I could dump DPM data by [I]Daemon Tools Pro[/I] properly. But there is still a problem about Alcohol %120. I hope developers fix soon…

And now my main nuisance is running this game… None of virtual drive programs work. Securom says: “Conflict with emulation software detected”. Is there a way to hide DT & Alcohol or run GTA 4 by image with any method that you know? Suggestions please, thanks…


I play it with a mini image mounted in daemontools lite and use yasu to hide the virtual drive
Works fine for me