Alcohol 120% = Fantom CD?

i am just wondering because in the screenshot of the program it looks EXACTLY like Fantomcd… could somebody give a explanations??

It looks like fantom cd because it’s programmer is the same person. However, it isn’t the same as it’s somewhat more developed.

Programmer is the same?? So the programmer is working for two company at the same time and selling two product to diffeernt company??? or what??

And which one is more developed??

no. the programmer was working with fantomcd first then left and started his own company.

like philamber said alcohol is somewhat more developed.

alcohol is picking up where fantom has left off. it has only just begun it’s run whereas fantom won’t even be available after the first of the year because of legal reasons.

sorry… but what actually happened… COuld any body tell me in details?? Becuase everyone seems to knows about it when i haven’t heard anything on it.

Or where can i find more info on what happen. Because the site is down for some reason…

EDit: i have just search for info about it and found a interview with the programmer with cdfreaks. so i know enough about it now. thx for all your help.