Alcohol 120 errors all the time? Help

I can only ever make iso files with unprotected discs with Alcohol 120. Everytime i try to make a protected one it just gives me loads of errors and looks like it would take days to finish. I’ve used A-Ray scanner to detect the proection ie. safdisc 2.6. I then click on the relevant bit before making the iso the… errors ahoy. Please help someone.

The errors are normal for a Safedisc protected disc, just let it go and the errors will stop around sector 10500.
And you would do better using the Alc 120% file format (MDS/MDF) instead of ISO.

I’ll give it a try. Does it usually take ages copying a protected disc?? Would there be any difference in using iso to the alcohol format??

An ISO isn’t read in RAW mode which is needed for a working image.

If it really takes ages THIS may help (you can also use the Safedisc emulation of Alcohol for that purpose)