Alcohol 120% doesn't recognize DVD+R's



I have some sony dvd+r and some off brand +r’s that Alcohol wont recognize. These dvd’s work on my other programs…Have anyone had this problem?



What do you mean “won’t recognize”? Alcohol works with DVD+R/+RW media, and it’s not Alcohol which recognizes the media, but the burner’s firmware.


I thought it was alcohol since the sonys work nero and dvddecrypter. It seems to be reading it as a cd or something. It only shows that it has 308mb free space…


Make sure you’re using the latest Alcohol version and have the latest drive support patch installed.


Thanks I will try that. Can I find the lastest version of alcohol on there website?


Alcohol 120% v1.9.2.1705 Trial


And here you have the latest support patch: