Alcohol 120% Device Support Patch released, version

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R!Co reports us via
our news
submit that a new Device Support Patch has
been released for the Alcohol
120% software. With this latest patch more drives are now supported. On…

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How can they implement support for a drive that isn’t out yet, like the Pioneer DVR-A07?? I don’t get it.

something like a press sample perhaps?

Or maybe the commands to control the A07 are not different from those for the A06 and Alcohol-Software got this info from Pioneer

they should include support for simple cd-readers. it sucks that my drives cannot fast skip read errors where clonecd can… a120 just doesnt recognise normal readers correctly.

Hum, have you informed Alcohol of your problem and sent them a system report so thye can see the problem and offer you a solution, if not why moan

of course i did. in the forums. their answer was ‘install devsupp’ which did not help, of course. now they seem to ignore me :frowning:

Quote it sucks that my drives cannot fast skip read errors where clonecd can. End Quote, While this is not the correct place for this and i would be happy to continue it on the Alcohol Support Forum, as far as fast skipping read errors for example SD Protection. You can significantly speed up the reading process by using Alcohol’s FastDump feature: ⋅ Install the game ⋅ Start Alcohol, goto Emulation, Extra Emulation, activate BAD Sectors Emulation ⋅ Minimize Alcohol, start the game with the original disc inserted ⋅ Quit the game again, don’t eject the CD ⋅ Goto Alcohol again, read the disc with SafeDisc 2 profile The read errors (from sector 800 until just above 10,000) should now be inserted automatically in less than 10 seconds, then the disc should be read just normally like any other disc. This will create a perfect image just like normal reading, just that the defective sectors signature (the read errors) don’t have to be read which would take a lot of time; the signature will be dumped by Alcohol when the game is started, and when you read the disc it will be inserted from the memory.