Alcohol 120% device support patch released ver.

I just posted the article Alcohol 120% device support patch released ver.

 phoenix used our news submit to tell us about this latest patch from Alcohol Software. It seems  that the list of drives added is so large, the best way to view them is on the  forum page...
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Move over Nero… Alcohol 120% is about to steal the show and do it all in only a 4meg download. Oh yeah, and Alcohol has coders than know how to write a program so you can “patch” it, without having to download the whole 30 megs install everytime you want a bugfix or feature.

Too bad The program writers can’t get multiple burners to write in 8x real time. Not without drives failing. They will tell you it’s a throughput issue but it’s not

Alcohol and Nero are two completely different programs that cannot be directly compared with each other at all, IMO. Apples and oranges. 2 completely different programs for completely different requirements/ market segments.