Alcohol 120 datatype missing@

I have alcohol 120% 1.9.5 3105 and I’m trying to make a backup of redalert2.
When I bring up the image making wizard, the datatype has only “customize”.
I remember in older version I had a load of options under this.
What am I missing?


eh… click on the dropdown and you will get the other options.

exactly my point. When I click on the dropdown, all I see is “customize”!
should I uninstall it and try a different version?

Reapur, you have to copy the axtype.ini of a alc.version that stores all profiles to your current alcohol installtion folder. This file stores the profiles, youre looking for :wink:

Ah! I wonder why it doesn’t just install that by default.

Anyway I can talk you into emailing me that file if it’s not too big?


The dropdown with all the datatypes should already be there unless you are using DVD media then there is no datatype…
Try a reinstall maybe that might help…