Alcohol 120% cant load image

I don’t understand why if my blank DVD disks have 4.7GB stamped on them, but Alcohol, Record Now and Nero show the disc as having 4.489GB of available free space.

I have tried different discs (although all datawrite classic discs.)

My recorder is a pioneer 1.06 with latest firmware.

I believe that this is stopping me from backing up ‘‘Smack down …here comes the pain’’ (which shows as 4.22GB but after extracting the image, the image shows as 4.38GB!!)

Alcohol tells me that the inserted disc does not have enough space on disc.
Even then, 4.38 should fit onto 4.489GB.

I:confused: :confused:

There are different values for 1 megabyte. One way is 1 meg = 10241024 = 1048576 bytes. Other way is 10001000 = 1000000 bytes. So you are seeing different interpretations of the same thing. I’m pretty sure that 1 gigabyte is always 1000 megabytes though.

why does alcohol tell me that the inserted disc is not big enough to back up the game?:confused: :confused: