Alcohol 120% burns OK but i can not read the DVD's

Listen here kid, your a waste of time in discussing this, so grow some hair and come back when you grow some.

120 is not just inserting a DLL, or other progs with class !! it"s progressive to your understanding

OK I’m a KIDD…see ya geek star !!

well it"s called experiance !!
OH PLEASE!! You have showed ZERO!!!

if you know how to write you dont have to be a criminal to understand software
Once again you have showed your intelligence, which is ZERO!

you just have to be smarter than you !!!
Not in your life time kid!

I thought this forum Had some class ZAMIELL where are you !!

Did you have AnyDVD runing at the time?

Listen here -snaggs- before opening your mouth, show some real intelligence not just hear say.

120 is not just inserting a DLL
This just showed me what you know.

Did you have AnyDVD runing at the time?
OMG…another n00b!

This forum does have class except when you get members like [B]geestar20 [/B] who have nothing better to do than flame others and talk from where the sun dont shine.

I expect this thread will be locked in a very short time.

ComeOn -little Phoenix-…I know this forum has class and I do apologize to cdfeaks that members like -snaggs- has little to offer to this forum.

Oh BTW -little phoenix- it gets real hard to answer question with outdated software!

I have no intention of getting drawn into your little flame war. you make a claim that the software is outdated so i would like to comment on that.

Name two other softwares that can do more than Alcohol.
Blame the people who use non legal versions of the software for any lack in features\updates within the software, if you did not know development costs.

And before you edited your post

Oh BTW -phoenix-…blizzard

Naturaly we know about this, do you think we do not add code to the software to detect cracked versions etc and cause the program to generate random errors.

Sorry, was sleeping.

I like, Phoenix will not be dragged in to a slanging match. Though I’m competitive by nature and will most likely win :stuck_out_tongue: this is not the point of this forum. Every member in their own way can be helpful and should not be insulted or made fun of by another simply because that person believes that they know more, no matter how deluded that belief is.

I am also not going to get in to a debate about Alcohol cracks, needless to say that when someone uses these, they hurt all Alcohol customers. Support and development relies on sales. No sales = no development / support. It’s as simple as that.

i wanna no if some 1 is using a ilegal software wat can u guyz do only talk $#it or arest his ass :cop:


All right. Enough of this nonsense.

@ All

[B]Do not expect support from the alcohol support team if you are using an illegal version of their software. Also do not expect your thread to stay open once that fact is detected.[/B]

Thread closed. :cop: