Alcohol 120 burning problem

Whem i finish the burning cd seems just like an empy one, windows cant recognize any content there, my writer is philips CDRW 52168 (i dont know the name of the model, sorry).

thank you for any help

only when burning with alcohol???
or same error also with other programs???

I guess its with other programs also:

Which burner is it then 52/16/8 or 31168, lol i actually dont get the write/read speeds at all :slight_smile:

Are you sure you aint doing just simulation?

I use nero 5 and it burns cds pretty fine, clone cd also burns them without errors, but it doesnt support alcohol image files :frowning:

I am having the SAME EXACT problem. I burn a disc like I have MANY times before and… nothing. I mean nothing, no drive will recognise it, alcohol won’t recognise it, like it wasn’t there. Just ruined a disc. The burn process takes the normal amount of time. It seems like a normal burn process. Right now I have a stack of 5+ dics seemingly ruined this way. I have used both CDRs and CD-RWs and the CD-RWs are not erasible, they seem to be ruined (as no drive will even recognise these copied discs). Also, successful copies in the past would sometimes not work on my friends’ computers/drives.

Alcohol 120% ver. 1.4.6 (Build 711)

Memorex 32MAXX 1240AK


I’m gonna go try Nero now and check back here later.


my alcohol will not burn anything at all will somebody help me oout with this. i keep getting an error, but i know my drive is good because i burn music and other things with the same drive. i tried different types of dvd’s and also different brands also. anyone know what might be going on???

Please send a full system report complete with the burning error log to the Alcohol Support Team at