Alcohol 120% + AVG = trouble?

I havent tried this myself, but i was actually going to install AVG on a system later this week when i heard that it just “might” mess up the system rather badly. Aparently, AVG really dosent like Alcohol 120%, or Daemontools, and invokes a reboot over and over. Recovery console, and removing the driver for the virtual drive, or the AVG system is the only solution i’ve heard of. Im guessing it disslikes the “cloaking” capabilities of the virtual devices, comparing it to a general rootkit, and tries to try and do something about it.

Does anyone know if this actually IS a real issue, and what the solution is? If any, that is?

I don’t use AVG anymore so I’m not sure what the current version is. However I did use AVG 7.1 with Alcohol for an extended period of time and never had any compatibiliy issues between the two.

There are no known problems between AVG and Alcohol there was a known problem a whikle back which was sorted by AVG after we contacted them, I have used AVG Pro for over two years with Alcohol and now use AVG Pro with Firewall with Alcohol and never once had any problems.

No problem here either. I’ve had AVG free edition on my home system together with alcohol without problems for years.

I use AVG + Daemontools on one PC and AVG + Virtual CloneDrive and haven’t had any problems. I do use Alcohol120, but don’t have AVG on that system though.

Well thats the first i heard og a problem with AVG and Alcohol, i have both on my system and there are no issues, two years ago there was an issue which when reported to AVG they quickly resolved. would be interested in knowing where you found this information that there is a problem.

Actually had a friend of a friend of a friend kinda situation, so when i heard they had a problem with alcohol, and AVG, i just though “better safe, than sorry”

Hopefully, im going to install AVG on that computer tomorrow, and i’ll shout back, if i do run in to any issues. Thanks for your responses.

Well, did it, and guess what, not a single problem. Guess that means i was checking for no reason, sorry if i spooked anyone.

I seem to be having an issue with both Alcohol 120% and Daemon tools that constantly requires me to reboot my computer so that the program may finish reinstalling after the reboot and just prompts me to do so over and over again and never completes instalation.

This was after I had uninstalled because Alcahol said it was having some issues with drivers and the virtual drive was unaccessible. I wiped every trace of the program from the computer nw I can’t get it back on, daemon tools either.

Any help would be much appreciated.


btw I have a freeware virus protection called !aVast for 64 bit windows but I uninstalled that and tried again and no luck, just thought I would add that info.


Unfortunately this one isn’t caused by your AV software.


I’m considering purchasing Alcohol 120% but I can’t even install the trial version. I’m running XP Pro x64, AVG Pro 7.1 + Firewall.

The installation is never ending as it keeps asking to restart the computer to continue installation.

I’ve tried disabling AVG in msconfig but it doesn’t help.

zamiell, I’d love to see what it says on that forum about why this problem is occuring but I can’t as apparently you’ve got to be a customer of theirs to view the page.


Your problem is most likely due to a recent Microsoft Kernel-Update (KB914784)…to resolve this I suggest you uninstall Kernel update patch KB914784 until we have found a solution.

Hi. I tried removing it, but it gives me a list of Security Updates which may not work if KB914784 is removed:

Security Update for Windows XP (KB911280)
Security Update for Windows XP (KB917344)
Security Update for Windows XP (KB917734)
Security Update for Windows XP (KB917953)
Security Update for Windows XP (KB918439)

Would it still be O.K. to remove KB914784?


Sorry, don’t know. Don’t have an X64 OS. You’ll most likely just have to give it a shot. Other members have had this issue to but have said nothing about other updates not working should they remove the offending one.

Thanks, it’s working now.

64 bit OS dose not seem to be the problem, I downgraded to regular xp and I still have the problem.

I get a error message that I do not have the proper drivers not sure how to update my alcohol drivers if thats the problem.


Sorry to post on a “older” thread but i seem to have had the same problem and found a “fix” (not really scientific…) but at least its the method i used…

I think this has to do with a mix between Alcohol 120%, AVG virus scan and x64 windows (this is what i have. and have heard a few people having with this problem) bascially after running avg scan alcohol said the drivers/emulated drives wernt going to be working (dont want drag out the story)

oh by the way… The new versions of alcohol 120 should work on x64 (so the problem isnt compatibility…)

THE FIX(my method): What i did was delete alcohol 120% completly (after avg scan it wasnt in my add and remove programs anymore…) so i deleted it myself (alcohol soft folder) then disabled AVG virus scan in MSCONFIG. I downloaded the newest version of daemeon tools 4.3 (from there site), and started the install, the install did that whole driver thing to allow alcohol and daemeon tools to run on x64 (what it was getting cought up on with alcohol 120 and forcing you to restart over and over). it asked me to restart. after restarting it finished the install with daemeon tools (yay). SO FINALLY i went back to alcohol 120% and installed it without having to restart, and the emulated drives worked (no errors). OH and i turned AVG back on.

so now… alcohol 120 works!! and daemeon tools!! and im happy again…

Sorry for any grammer errors, miss spelt words… and all that… im not a english teacher… (or smart)