Alcohol 120% & Audio CD/Audio CD+ Data Types

Hey everyone, I’m going to be writing a tutorial for some people on another website but I could use some help from experienced Alcohol 120% users to get me started. The tutorial is basically going to show the users how they can rip their copy protected audio CD’s into .mp3, .mpc or .ogg, while using Alcohol 120% to bypass the protection and make an ISO of the Audio CD on the hard drive. Later, that ISO will be mounted as a virtual drive and EAC or CDex will be used to rip the audio tracks from it into the desired format. The question I have though, is what data type settings should be used for specific audio cd protections in Alcohol 120%? (ex. should the Audio CD+ setting in Alcohol 120% be used for Cactus Datashield 200 CDs?) I’m trying to find out the best methods of using Alcohol 120% for the currently available Audio CD Protections, even if it requires making a new Data Type in the Alcohol 120% options. I tried contacting the developers about this without any luck. :confused: Someone already made a tutorial for doing this with CloneCD but I figure it will be much better to do it with Alcohol 120% and so now I have to show them.

Well, the Audio CD+ profile reads sub-channel data from the source disc and the Audio CD doesn’t. Audio CD+ is used to read CD+G discs (karaoke…). For audio protections which don’t use sub-channel data you will want to use the Audio CD profile. But that’s not enough, because it depends of the reader you have. Some readers can read Key2Audio or Cactus Data Shield, and others don’t.

I have a Liteon 40125S flashed to a 48125W so I’m not too worried about me not being able to handle it. It all depends on the people using the tutorial and their cd drives.