Alcohol 120 and XP Limited Accounts!

Hi, I have Alcohol 120% version 1.4.6 (build 711) installed in my Windows XP system.
I can use the program perfectly, but the problem is as follows: I can use this program just fine because my account is an administrator account, but the limited accounts cannot use this program! It simply won´t run!! What should I do in order to make it possible for limited accounts to use this software??
Thanks for your help!!

First you should update your Alcohol version as it is rather old. I don’t think you can do anything about the accounts, as long you don’t have Administrator privileges.

Does this mean he has to give the limited accounts administrator priviledges to be able to use alcohol120?

I think there is a way To give limited Admin powers to vertain programs. Sorry about being vauge but I only use admin accounts and have only used limited when setting up my old mans account.

When installing Alcohol 120% it ask you if want to Allow all users to use the program or just the wone you are installing from .

it will show you admin ,log in name or all users you just select one