Alcohol 120% and Roxio 6 probs

For some reason Roxio 6 and Alcohol 120% can’t coexist on my PC. I’ve used the last two updates for Alcohol with no luck. What it does is, when I want to burn a disc with Roxio, it won’t recognize any blank discs in my drive. Ever. Unless I uninstall Alcohol and reinstall Roxio 6. Anyone else have this problem? :rolleyes:

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For some reason Roxio 6 and Alcohol 120% can’t coexist on my PC.
Surprise, surprise. I used to have a line in my sig that said, “please don’t tell me that you use Roxio products”. Alcohol 120% does not interfere with the ‘ring’ files (others will understand), Roxio does. Tell Roxio and be prepared for no response. I’ll tell the developer of Alcohol, MartinX, who will consider, that is consider, a workaround.

Bummer, that’s interesting. Thanks for the heads up. And the possible “consideration”.

Btw, I’d post more often here, but you people are just too smart for me. I never understand half the things you all talk about. Seems like I’m just a questioner. :bow:

Thanks again.

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Why wouldn’t Alcohol want to make its product compatible with the latest Roxio software? EZCD 6.0 was, from what I read since I use V. 5.x w/ no probls, very stable from the get go. Nero, on the other hand, which was the darling up to and including their V5.x stage (I also use Nero V5.x that came with my Memorex 522452 burner) turned out to release a less than stable V6.0. I would have thought Alcohol would be more inclined to be more open to Roxio’s products since it seemed to me that they won over converts and will be showing up on more computers (computers some of those new computers will use Alcohol too).

(Though it is not part of my point, I will say that I am sure that Nero with all their updates have probably stabilized their V6.x products and hopefully Roxio has kept their products stablized, I have no inclination at this point to upgrade either product so I have not been paying close attention to either one.)

The problem is that ROXIO drivers don’t like the installation of virtuel cd reader like DAEMON TOOLS or ALCOHOL .

The ASPI layer of ROXIO driver is not coded properlly and DAEMON-TOOLS or ALCOHOL sofware designers need to create some workarounds so that if a virtual cd reader installation is performed ROXIO drivers will not generate problem !!!

I know that DAEMON-TOOLS or ALCOHOL sofware designers are working on it for next realease although I didn’t test it yet (I have DIRECTCD on my system !!!)

In term of compatibility the creation of an image with EASY CD CREATOR or WINONCD is definitely a bad choice also due to the lack of data inside of these images .
Anyway if you have time you can developp a DAEMON TOOLS plug in so that it will mount these type of images .

i have Easy CD Cremator 6 - Alcohol 120% - CloneDVD running on a single system without any problems what so ever.
i only do 1 or 2 cd/dvd each month so easy cd cremator is just fine for me dont need that overrated Nero :slight_smile:

Have just installed easy 6 here (all updates) and all appears well with alcohol 120 (all updates)at the moment, although i have had a few ‘coasters’ with cloneCD. dont think its related though. Only problem is with 'cheap dvd-r. when will we learn! Got 2 * 25 packs (dvd+r and dvd-r) from Dabs a while back. not sure on brand (called bulkpac) but Dabs dont supply any more! Now ordered ‘Ritek’ Dvd-r to try. They seem to get the best votes around on many forums :iagree:

Originally posted by conveyer
[B]Btw, I’d post more often here, but you people are just too smart for me. I never understand half the things you all talk about. Seems like I’m just a questioner. :bow:

Thanks again.

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Well, you can learn alot by hanging around here.

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Well, you can learn alot by hanging around here.

I usually lurk around the forums. I clear my cookies so much on this computer, and suck at remembering “numbered” passwords, that I never really log in. Can’t remember how many times I’ve had to reset my password. (write it down. I know)

It’s still hard to follow some of this tech talk sometimes, but if I can catch on to hardware, then I’m sure I can catch on to the software/firmware… I’d hope.

For those of you not having problems with the Roxio/Alcohol120% combination, all I can say to that is two things. 1)Hardware setup 2)Lucky peeps.

I currently have a slightly new hardware setup, but the same drives. I’m going to test it again soon. But there’s no real new games to buy now. So we’ll see if I had some kind of hardware conflict…

BTW. I got this new Sony CD-RW drive I put in another computer of mine. It’s almost the same as my current one, a Sony CRX model 52x, both 52x’s, only on the front tray it has a (+) near the “R/W disc label”. Is this a better model for backing up games and such? I’m going downstairs to check and write down the model name if anyone asks…

BTW, haha… Roxio 6 is great and all. I like it. I’ve stuck with it through 5 as well, but screw this new Roxio coming out. I don’t care how flashy it is. I’ve never heard a bad thing about Nero. I honestly think it’s time to migrate. If not for Roxio 6 creating countless “Microsoft error reports” whenever I try to close out of it after burning a disc, then for just trying something different. "Cause sometimes, you gotta try new things.

I have Easy CD Creator 6 - Alcohol 120% - Blindwrite 4.57 - Plextools 2.09 running without any problems.

I to have Alc 120 latest v, EZ 6 basic and Nero 5.5 all co-habitating quite well can burn from any and get no errors before during or after. Only coasters are due to stupidity on my part, ie wrong settings. The one thing I found I had to do to get them all working fine was not to install Roxio’s Direct CD called Drag to Disk in v6 nor Nero’s InCD.
Both of those packet writing software caused numerous errors lock-up and blue-screens. I’d unistall then use roxizap and or the nero equivelent if you’ve got both then re-install the apps without the above programs.
Note: You should back-up any cd’s burned with those programs first since after removal you won’t be able to read them without installing a UDF reader.
Latest firmware’s always a good thing to check.
I’d also recommend disabling Window Xp’s native burning program. I’ve had it start up after I’ve already begun to burn causing instant lock-up/coaster. I did not have to force change any aspi layer either still using Xp’s default. I’m also using Nvidia’s SW IDE drivers shaved almost a minute off my burn times:D

Why use Roxio, when there are programs out that are sooo much better, 1 being NERO all versions pre v.6. Roxio i the program that most computer comes shipped with, I agree thats why they can brag about there mega-sales statistic…nobody in his/her right mind would ever buy Roxio…and thats why it comes shipped with already assambled computers…my advice for everyone that uses Roxio STOP. Nero 5 is sooo much better. Everytime I have had Roxio installed in my computer it gets F**ked up and I need 2 re-install several programs. many of you ppl out there might think well not everybody can afford a program like Nero…and I understand that…(I was lucky enough too get it with my burner) the Roxio(Easy CD Creator) was shipped with the comp. as a service from the company where I bought the Hardware components for my comp.(of course homebuilt, if U buy a
pre-buildt computer it gets all messy under the hull of the chassi).

Well 2 conclude what I have said is: Go for Nero and reject Roxio’s Easy CD Creator…there is som many better programs out there.

Sorry all for the lenght of the mess.

Well I’m having very similar problems with PlexTools too. In there, the capacity keeps jumping up & down and the GigaRec quantities are way off (capacities showing negative values, like -20 minutes, & low positive values, like 30 minutes).