Alcohol 120 and RAW DAO +16


Just a bit of a technical question:

I have a Lite-On 52327s (fw QS0C). According to Nero InfoTool it should be able to write (among others) in RAW DAO +96 and RAW DAO +16.

In Alcohol I can only find the writing modes RAW SAO, RAW SAO + SUB (96) and RAW DAO +96.

How can I select the RAW DAO +16 mode manually, if possible?

Does the “Bypass EFM option” have anything to do with it? (I always burn without this option enabled?)

I have heard from people having success copying Safedisc 3 protected CD’s using the DAO +16 mode in FireBurner, so my question isn’t entirely theoretical. :wink:

I have checked the alcohol cd recorder site and only a few of the modes are listed. These are [TAO] [DAO/SAO] [RAW DAO + 96]. I’m not sure why they havn’t included all of the modes. IT hasn’t got anything to do with EFM though. Alcohol 120% CD List

EFM is used with 1 sheep writers to help them copy some of the newer copy protecions.

Thanx for the explanation Womble.

I looked at your link: Alcohol doesn’t support RAW DAO 16 with most new drives, just with older ones which can’t write DAO 96…

I guess nothing happens when I use “rectify subchannel data”: Alcohol will just write in DOA + 96 mode.

Not really a problem though…