Alcohol 120% and psx



Greetings i tried to burn a game with alcohol 120 for psx and doesnt play on psx although i use the parameters

speed 4x and parameter that says for playstation when i put the game on playstation reads it until the playstation logo appears then freezes any ideas ?


do you have a modchip in your ps2? you need one to boot backups since the ps1 disc protection is on part of the disc that cannot be read/burned by ordinary burners afaik.


i have a mod chip and its playstation 1


a ok well i wouldnt burn modern cdr’s at 4x i would try a much higher speed. ive got a chipped ps1 too, it can be a bit fussy about what discs it’ll read. id try some different brands. not sure most modern dvd burners will burn cd’s that well.


i burned with sony cd rs . i have an emulator on pc and when i loaded the burned game the emulator played it but my psx didnt froze when playstation logo appeard. My old burned games play by the way the old burned were mitsui gold ultra