Alcohol 120 % and protectCD VOB (V5)

I use Alcohol 120 % v and i try to backup a CD with a ProtectCD VOB protection. I am not sure if it is V5 or not, i used Clony XXL to determine the protection. I have a Plextor 2410A writer.
I tried making an image twice, first with datatype VOB ProtectCD and second with VOB ProtectCD V5, but it failed because the program couldnot take DPM into disc from my device.
My Plextor 2410A is in the support list, so I don’t understand why it doesnot work.
Can someone pls help me ?

which software are you trying to backup?

Easy Computing Plantenencyclopedie. :slight_smile: :o :slight_smile:

I have the same problem with the Yamaha CRW3000. The solution is, when alcohol asks for dpm speed, not to choose maximum. i, for example, have to choose 32x. try some slower speeds, i think then it will work.

@soezepoes: Please choose 1x to read DPM info.

Yeh it seems if you use alco120 on protectcd 5 profile for burning and writing it works…

Sacred was burnt…using thses settings…but you need to…

Uninstall alcohol as it was blacklisted by sacred and install daemon 3.46 and set RMPS emulation on it after you have burnt game.

Appears the blacklist was the main problem with Sacred.the new daemon update has solved this…works for me!!


Next Alcohol version will dealt with the blacklist :wink:

Damn this thread is over 16mths old … I am sure it has been resolved by now :slight_smile:

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