Alcohol 120% released

Add Added updated devsupp.dll offering support for more drives.
Fix Fixed mount/unmount problem associated with PlexTools.
Fix Fixed the set speed problem with Pioneer DVD-burner.
Fix Fixed the AutoPlay problems.
Fix Fixed the wrong volume setting for analog audio emulation from the virtual drives.
Fix Fixed some blacklisting problems.
Fix Fixed problem with users not having Administration privileges ability to run Alcohol.
Add Added option “Yes & No” dialogue box to help users removing all registry values, which are added by Alcohol installation.

Nothing cool this time?:smiley:

What do u expect ? Miracle every time :smiley:

I have been using version 1.4.6 #711 previously until this new version released.

Then I downloaded it and run it, the installer asked me to uninstall the previous version first, I did it, restarted, and install the 1.4.7 #1005.

When the installation is about to be completed, a window popped up, stating:

Internal Error 25001. 25017 (0x61B9), 122 (0x7A)

Any of you having similar problems? And any idea how to solve it?

Many thanks.

i experienced the same problem with the prior version 711…
i didn’t knew why it was and was never able to somehow fix the problem, i installed back the prior version, think 519 or somewhat and this one works perfect for me…
maybe problem and one needs xp, i have me…
dunno what the problem is
hope somebody can help

When it gives you the error, don’t press OK. Restart your computer and I think Alcohol will work then (don’t let the installer rollback).

so if i got you right i shall simply reboot without doing anything as soon as the error appears on the screen??
will try that now thanks :smiley:
cheers chrisi

many thanks for the advice
i did as you told me and it works now, thanks

Where can I find Retail?