Alcohol 120% has been released

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phoenix used our newssubmit to tell us that a new version of Alcohol 120% has been released. Below you can find the changelog:

Alchol 06-11-2002:

What’s New:

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why not just purchase the program and give some support to the developers of this great program? i did.

But it’s not a great program, I have tested it out and I do not approve of anyone too part with hard earned cash for rubbish. Why don’t you try BlindWrite instead, you will have far better success :4 Greets too all The Diplomat:8

what the hell happened here? several replies have been deleted! you don’t by chance support alcohol, do you? cdfreaks should be independent! today you delete negative posts about alcohol, and tomorrow about Microsoft? ok, a couple of words about alcohol: I have to admit that the programme is not that bad. the problem is that it is not bug free. No problem, of course, no programme is bug free. for example, the newest version of clonecd crashes my winxp and the newest version of blindwrite patin driver could not be updated correctly, I had to uninstall and reinstall the programme. The real problem with alcohol is customer support. Let’s compare: I asked Olli, the developer of clonecd, several times for help, and he was always very kind, helping me. once I was really pissed, 'cause clonecd always crashed (a conflict between mitsumi 8x atapi drive I possessed a couple of years ago and clonecd) and my email to Olli was not very friendly, and still he replied and solved my problem. About blindwrite: emailed once the german support and got an immediate reply. very friendly people. Now about alcohol: it seems the developers plunged into the world of business without having learnt the basics of capitalism. They should talk to Greenspan or Doisenberg, maybe they will explain to them how Capitalism works, but here’s a tip for free: THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. IF THE CUSTOMER IS WRONG, HE IS STILL RIGHT. Why? because he is the one who’s paying. And I am not just talking about those people who already paid. EVERY human being is a potential customer/consumer and should be treated like that. So there are two possibilities: either you are customer-friendly or your bank account is empty. I complained about bugs in Alcohol and was told that it’s my own fault. “Your win is not configured properly”, they said. yes, right, after at least one mio hours I spent on there’s a “great” chance that my win is not configured properly. of course NOT. All applications work fine on my computer, except for alcohol. What is more probable? that my pc is not configured correctly, but I am so lucky that 99% of all applications work fine, or that alcohol is not programmed properly? Also they said that it’s Microsoft’s fault. I should email MS. Who the hell do they think I am? I don’t work for alcohol. They don’t pay me. Why should I do their homework? Either they make their programme compatible with MS products or not. If not they should not expect us to use their programme. but apart from all this: even if it were my fault (which is not the case), the customer is always right! Actually I wanted to buy Alcohol, despite the bugs, since the programme is powerful (after you solve all the problems it contains, like the stealing of virtual drives and problems with translation - german translation is corrupt, e.g.), but after being treated this way I am certainly not going to buy it, since customer support is an important part of the product and I am not going to pay to be insulted. you know, I can be insulted for free, if I wanted to :wink: I am using blindwrite suite and am very satisfied with it. it can make working copies of all protections incl. the newest securom. no need for alcohol. So my suggestion for everyone out there: stay with clonecd and blindwrite suite combination.

Your replies have obviously been deleted because you were discussing piracy of the software. I would refer to the rules for this.

I didn’t post any links to illegal sites/warez sites. and as far as talking about piracy is concerned - we do it all the time. kazaa lite is illegal, and still it is announced on this site. just an example

I appreciate the feedback about the software and I will give BlindWrite a try and if it does what you all are saying, then I will thank you. Either way, I thank you. I do have a question on CloneCD; I remember downloading some profiles for it for copy protection schemes a few months back, has anyone created new profiles for the new cp schemes out now? Thanks

all profiles for clonecd are in the forum of this site. there are no new profiles, because clonecd still can’t copy starforce, tages, or securom v.4. when a new version appears that can do it, new profiles will certainly appear.