Alcohol 120% 1.3.3 1030 has been released

I just posted the article Alcohol 120% 1.3.3 1030 has been released.

phoenix and vodka used our newssubmit to tell us that a new version of rising star software Alcohol 120% has seen the light.


Fix - Fixed some bugs of DPM…

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I guess the developers and the translators of this prog have drunk too much of their 120% alcohol prior to writing/translating the programme, because it behaves so weird that one might assume it is drunk itself. stay with clonecd. the only advantage of alcohol is that it can emulate the newest version of securom - but that means (as far as I understand) alcohol has to be installed on the computer you want to play the game. so it’s useless. take the burned cd somewhere else, and you can’t play it, if the pc has no alcohol copy installed. I have no problems with installing nero or blindwrite apart from clonecd, but alcohol behaves weirdly, attempts to destroy your OS and has no advantages compared to other burnsoft. so by installing it, you’ll just run into troubles, without getting anything out of the programme