Alcohol 120% released

I tried to download a trial version of alcohol 120% and I thought that it would be but it was and it was released today. I haven’t been able to test it but I downloaded it and it was for sure!
It can be downloaded @: Alcohol 120%

Well that’s good news as this is the version that can both duplicate safedisc 2.8x protected cds and also create images of the latest securom protected cds that will run when mounted on a virtual drive. :smiley:

By all accounts I believe this is the version that can emulate SD 2.8 and Securom 4x. Can’t wait to try it out after work. :cool:

It can do more than just emulate sd 2.8x. It can make a full working back-up copy. :slight_smile:

couldn’t cloncd do this?
with the lite-on burners?
btw. does “The Sims Unleached” come with different copy protections in several countries. I heard that the protection was protectcd 5 and in another post, they said it was safedisk 2.8x
This really is great news if it is sd 2.8, because this baby can be copied!

As a general rule clonecd can’t copy sd 2.8x protected cds with Lite-on writers. Discjuggler can, a combination of discdump and fireburner can, cdmate usually (though not always) can, and now the latest release of alcohol can.

Come on people test it! I wanna knooooooow! :slight_smile:

Doesn’t work for me with NOLF2 - this is Securom New 4.x, isn’t it?

I am using the North American version (don’t know if it’s different from others) and Win XP Home SP-1, LTR48125W and LTD163 on a Soyo KT333 board.

I have tested it. It can successfully copy sd 2.8x. It can also make an image of the latest securom cds that will run when mounted on alcohol’s virtual drive. :smiley:

i ran it on UnReal and got a dead image im retring it now but as it stands i got NOTHING.

wow good news… :bigsmile:

securom emulation should work, i guess you have to make an image in the MDS format.

UT2003, did not work at all, so still blowin smoke, keep trying…

i dont want to start a flame war BUT. i have to agree. i have a liteon dvd 163 something. and i tried it with different speeds with nothing just the same results as before. so when my new liteon burner gets in today i will try it with that and see what happens but as it stands i got NOTHING with Unreal and thats the tester program for me.

Hey all, thought you would like to know.I made a working image of ut2003 with alcohol 120 + mds files from Daemon tools.I used my mitsumi cr-48x8te to create image,then exchanged the the mds file created by alcohol with the mds file from Daemon tools.

I used a LTD 163D Liteon DVD and Alcohol 120% (Latest Build) and created an image, mounted it in Daemon tools and it works fine.
However I am not real sure what this proves, it is still an emulation and not a 1:1.
Correct me if I am wrong.

Heej guys !

Well this is some great news !
Were getting closer I think ! :smiley: :smiley:

But lets sum things up :
For safedisk up until 2.5x CloneCD will do with a 2 sheep burner without AWS and with a 1 sheep burner WITH AWS !
For Safedisk up till 2.8x you need a 2 sheep burner & clonecd !
For safedisk 2.8x you can use alcohol, but what writer do u need ? will any writer do ? i have a philips PCRW804K (1 sheep).

For securom my burner sucks (thinking 'bout new asus though), you can use alcohol to emulate the new new (4.8xxx) versions ?!
What about older 4.7 or even as old as 3.xxxx, do u need a burner with FULL sub capabilities ? (like the asus)

And last but not least, what did I see bout protectCD 5 , can you BURN this one or just emulate this like SecuRom 4.8xxx ?

Well, somebodys bound to have the answers to my Q’s !!


What is the difference between the retail and the trial version of Alcohol 120% ?

Wht do you mean by a 1 sheep and two sheep buirners? :confused:


a 2 sheep means it does correct bit paterns and 1 sheep, semi correct bit patterns. thus with 1 sheep you need to select AWS in clonecd. thereotiucally

Let me explain before anyone gets on their high horse and starts mouthing off. Whenever a new cdr program is released and with me having lots of time on my hands I do a thorough test. I used my mates IDE Plextor 12/10/32 too read UT2003 1st cd (New SecureRom), I set it too read @ x8 and write back out @x4 using the burner too read and write, whether you believe me or not, it failed big time. I have yet too test in on my SCSI 10/12/32s and my Liteon. Is there a possibilty that many users had high hopes for this program and that some some report success with the New SecureRom Protection, because if so I would like you too explain how you did it? I have 2 of the top burners available on the market.

Greetz too the Forum :smiley:

Originally posted by intercept
I used my mates IDE Plextor 12/10/32 too read UT2003 1st cd (New SecureRom), I set it too read @ x8 and write back out @x4 using the burner too read and write, whether you believe me or not, it failed big time.

Of course we believe you and, of course, it failed. Alcohol cannot successfully write the latest securom protected games (and doesn’t claim to be able to do so).

All it can do, at present, is to create an image that will work when mounted on a virtual drive. It cannot successfully burn that image to create a full working back-up copy.